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4th DIMENSION MAGAZINE ECONOMY EDITION. April 2015 Issue. Published by Times Square Press (New York, Berlin). Available worldwide. Also available in Deluxe edition in full colors printed on glossy and heavy paper stock. On the cover: Jennifer Wallens, Vickie Gay, Francoise Desbouches, Deepak Chopra. From the contents: Why aliens abduct people? Interviews with abductees. Alan Steinfeld interviews Deepak Chopra. God, the afterlife and psychics. Interview with the greatest lightworkers, psychics and medium in modern time: Danielle Nijhuis, Sunanda Sharma, Jennifer Wallens, Patrice Cole, Melissa Stamps, Vickie Gay, Francoise Desbouches, Patti Negri, Sunhee and Chinhee Park, Sonia Pereira, Diane Hiller. Every Witch Way: Magical Weight Loss by Patti Negri, the First Lady of the Occult. The ultimate technique of the healing touch by Maximillien de Lafayette. The vibes of vicious people who hate your guts would destroy your life and ruin your business by Maximillien de Lafayette

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